After a two years project, on March 14, 1994,  the Institute Alexander Fleming opened its doors for the medical and scientific excellence. It is the first prived institution in Latin America devoted to the prevention, the diagnosis and integral treatment of patients with cancer.
We are distinguished by the  medical excellence performed in optimal conditions, with high complexity technology, put to the service of our patients and society, from our persistent labor in investigation and teaching.

The interaction among surgery, radiotherapy and tratamiento sistémico (chemotherapy, hormonoterapia y biotherapy) gives rise to new strategies of treatment, less aggressive and with equal or better results.
Adding the advances in Molecular Biology and the knowledge of more specific Factors Prognosis, it forces the doctors to concentrate in subjects treated previously by investigators.

The different works team, through the participation in cultural asosiaciones and committees of tumors, work to conceive therapeutic ideas with less aggressive treatments, in order to obtain better results.
The Institute is associated to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires in order to fulfill the academic and scientific goals that we look for.

Besides, we count on a sistem of medical residences for the formation of new oncologists. It was updated, along with the growth of the Institution having nowadays three medical resident for year (whole of the medical residence 3 years) and a head of residents.

To give knowledge of who we are and what we do, we add this information that fills us with pride:
Alexander Fleming, is the first Argentina´s Institution authorized by the National Marrow Donor Program in United State (N.M.D.P.) to realize transplantes of bone marrow from not related donors.

Today, with the great investments in infrastructure of internment and high complexity technology, is outlined the medical quality, the technician – scientist high level and comfort being one of the most prestigious institutions of the country.