The IAF Breast Center is composed of a group of highly qualified professionals in their respective areas, providing a multidisciplinary approach, which integrates all essential medical specialties for optimal evaluation and treatment of complex clinical cases.

The Alexander Fleming Institute (IAF) is the first private institution in Latin America dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.


The Mastology Units (or Breast Centers) are organizations with different specialists, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast pathology, to coordinate and optimize the procedures in an integral way. It means an strong integration between the different specialties, which achieves a very significant synergy effect.


The Argentine Society of Mastology has recognized the value of Mastology Units for Argentina and has made great strides towards the popularization and application of the concept of Breast Centers. Since April 2016 we have been accredited as a Mastology Unit by the Argentine Society of Mastology. We have also been recognized as members of Breast Centers Network, the first international network of centers exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It is a project of ESO (European School of Oncology) with the aim of promoting and improving breast cancer care in Europe and around the world.


Why choose the Alexander Fleming Institute Breast Center?

Because you will find all the answers and services to satisfy the needs linked to breast care in one place: from annual medical check-ups and treatment of benign breast diseases, to cancer treatment. We have health professionals from different specialties working in a coordinated and integrated way, with excellent academic training and human quality.


We have all the tools, the medical and human quality, necessary to treat this pathology more and more frequent, in a distinctive and effective way.


Our services

• Breast control: Screening, benign and malignant pathology of the breast. Second opinion.

• Breast surgery: Surgeons accredited by the Argentine Society of Mastology will offer you the best personalized treatment.

• Breast images: Images and breast interventionism with an excellent team of professionals, offering a correct assesment and diagnosis.

• Clinical oncology: We have a renowned team of clinical oncologists, members of the Argentine Society of Clinical Oncology.

• Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy: We have two digital linear accelerators. Simulation and three-dimensional planning (3D-CRT) and modulated intensity (IMRT). Physics: calibration, dosimetry and quality control. We offer treatments with conformal three-dimensional radiotherapy or breast IMRT.

• Pathology: The IAF Breast Center team has an excellent group of pathologists who work integrated with clinical surgeons and oncologists, allowing you to obtain the best and fastest information.

• Genetic counseling: Our multidisciplinary team has doctors specialized in genetics who work to provide education, hereditary evaluation of cancer risk, genetic counseling and testing, individualized control and screening programs for people concerned about their personal and family history of cancer.

• Psycho-oncology: Access to specialized counseling for patients and family members.

• Breast reconstruction: We also have a staff of plastic surgeons specialized in breast reconstruction.


Professional Staff:

Academic Director: Dr. Reinaldo Chacón
Medical Director: Dr. Federico A. Coló

Mastology Service
Chief: Dr. Jose B. Loza
Dr. Federico A. Coló
Dr. Martín Loza
Dra. Verónica Fabiano
Dra. Mercedes Maino
Dra. Carolina Ponce

Clinical Mammary Oncology Service
Chief: Dr. Jorge Nadal
Dr. Adrian Nervo
Dra. Victoria Costanzo

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery / Breast Reconstruction
Dr. Fernando Farache
Dr. Joaquín Pefaure
Dra. Angeles Garrido
Dr. Rodrigo Ibarra

Mammary Images
Chief: Dr. Daniel Mysler
Dra. María Laura Cosaka
Dra. Tiare Africa Piñeiro Iñiguez
Dra. María Alejandra Varela

Nuclear Medicine Service
Chief: Dra Silvina Racioppi

Oncological Genetic Counseling
Dra. Luisina Bruno

Department of Radiotherapy
Chief: Dra. Carolina Chacón
Dra. Mariana Galli
Dr. Diego Gronovich
Chief of Physics: Lic. Pablo Meoli

Pathological Anatomy Service
Chief: Dr. Enzo Domenecchini
Deputy Chief: Dra. Mora Amat
Dr. Walter Astorino
Dra. Florencia Cappuccio
Dra. Ximena García



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