The Inmunohistochemistry Center, from which we offer services to the whole country, has more than 20 years of experience in Pathologic Anatomy. There are currently 200 antibodies of normal use and an in situ Hybridization lab. We are characterized by such a key tool as inmunohistochemistry, with its wide panels of antibodies and multiple detection of molecular events, carefully interpreted by well-trained pathologists and a multidisciplinary work team.

We use this technique for undifferenciated tumors, lymphoid neoplasia, diagnoses referrals, and protein determination, because it is an innovative, extremely valuable auxiliary tool for molecular event detection on a cellular level.

Our philosophy is to offer excellence and constant updating, taking into consideration the highest quality standards and personalized attention to general practitioners, hospitals, and private institutions, since we understand that behind every case, there is a patient and a family, waiting for an accurate result.

The patient is our priority.