The outpatient care are distributed in 20 (twenty) clinics outside their respective areas of support. There is a turn system that seeks the shortest waiting time for a prompt response to the patient.

You can request a turn in the following subspecialties (except for Cardiology and Vascular Surgery), always bearing the guidance of oncology specialties:

.  Cardiology Clinic
.  Central and Peripheral Vascular Surgery
.  Chest Surgery
.  Clinic Oncology
.  Dermatology
.  Endocrinology
.  Gastroenterology
.  Gynecology
.  Head and Neck Surgery
.  Hematology and Oncohematology
.  Hepatology
.  Medical Clinic
.  Melanoma and Sarcoma Surgery
.  Neumonology
.  Neurosurgery
.  Oncological Surgery
.  Pain Treatment
.  Smoking
.  Traumatology
.  Urology