We inaugurated a space at the Alexander Fleming Institute centered on health, not only as an absence of disease, but as a state of psychophysical well-being.

Focusing on the personal and human aspects of our patients. Our workshops are aimed both at our patients and their families, friends and acquaintances, with an open policy towards the community. Brought to effect using various complementary therapeutic resources, including relaxation techniques, art-therapy through various expressions, emotional stabilization and cognitive recovery.


We promote healthy behavior, prevention and recovery from symptoms or problems as a result of treatment, and exercising creativity in a contained and cared for environment.

We focus our endeavor in techniques with the backing of recent scientific literature, and with skilled and adequately trained human resources, so we can achieve a successful implementation. These resources are supervised and coordinated by our institution’s Psico-Oncology team, under the direction of Lic. Nancy Ferro.


Our main target is the caring and development of the patient’s quality of life.

Our other target is the management and minimization of emotional distress.


We also include activities that will result in prevention and rehabilitation of medium and long term sequels of both illness and treatment.