The Research Ethics Committee of the Alexander Fleming Institute (CEIAF) was created as a specific, autonomous body to evaluate, consult and inform, from an ethical, scientific and technical perspective, on clinical and experimental research protocols, as well as epidemiological studies submitted to its consideration by researchers from the different Services of the Alexander Fleming Institute (IAF), by researchers from other Research Centers or by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Committee has been accredited by the Research Ethics Central Committee of the Government of Buenos Aires City, through provision 90-DGDOIN-2012 on July 13th, 2012.



Dr. José MordohHead of Biotherapy of the Institute


Full Members:

Dr. Juan Manuel O’ConnorStaff Physician of the Institute
Dr. Matías ChacónStaff Physician of the Institute
Dr. Julio KaplanStaff Physician of the Institute
Srta. Mariana Alicia HirschfeldCommunity member
Dr. Néstor Daniel NavarroLawyer
Dra. Maria Marcela BarrioBiologist


Substitute Members:

Dr. Daniel MyslerStaff Physician of the Institute
Dra. Estrella Mariel LevyBiologist
Dra. Rosa WainstokChemistry

Dr. José Mordoh